Knowing how to start a paper requires a deliberate effort to understand the tactics. The best way to start a research paper is by putting the introduction first. Like the research work itself, crafting a creative and quality introduction is key to a great research paper. Many people like to regard the introduction to a research paper as the most important part of the paper.

Your introductory paragraph has the power to validate, improve, or downplay your effort. It is hence important that you take adequate care and pay attention to the introduction of your research paper. Here you’ll learn the necessary tips on how to start a research paper and write a great introduction.

How to introduce a topic in a research paper

There are many ways to go about starting the introduction of a research paper:

  • Embrace quotes, facts, and figures

Quotes are a great way to start an introduction. This is because they help you validate your research and motivate your readers to continue reading your paper. Your quote may come from the words of a prominent figure related to what your research connotes. In the same vein, it could be data from a reliable source. Either way quotes help you introduce your work perfectly. It is important however that you know how to start a paper with a quote. The quote you use must be relevant to the research paper you are writing.

  • Expatiate on keywords

Highlighting keywords and explaining what they mean is easily one of the ways to go about your introduction. To achieve this, you must first restate your topic and then break it down into bits. You should add your thoughts on the topic without going too deeply into the body of your work. You may highlight the main problem that your topic aims to address. Most times, people like to leave their thesis statements to perform the duty of summarizing the work.

  • Give a background of the research

You can give a brief background of the research you’re doing. You can achieve this through anecdotes or historical facts; it often depends largely on the kind of research paper you are writing. This should be brief and straight to the point. Remember that you do not want to be generic or boring, and you would rather capture the attention of your reader.

  • Give a brief overview of the paper

The introduction of your work often sums up important details of your research paper and tells the reader what to expect as they read further. Your introduction can simply begin as an overview of your work where you include your hypothesis. Alongside your thesis statement, you can explain what you hope to achieve with the research work, your research methodology, and the steps you used to conclude your research.

Tips to help you write a research paper introduction

  • Make the right research from the onset

Your research paper is incomplete without making the necessary research. However, many people would rather wait till they begin the body of their work before making vital research. When you have concluded your research before beginning your work, you know how to start an introduction for a research paper. It will also help you include important information in the introduction.

  • Be open to restructuring and editing

Your introduction should be flexible enough to go through restructuring multiple times. The most important thing about writing an introduction is that it aligns with your work. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to make corrections to get the job done right. As you work, you may find some information or conduct new research that you cannot help but include in your introduction. You must keep an open mind.

  • Complete the body of your paper first

This is one tip that many research writers find helpful. Many benefits come with writing your paper’s introduction last. One of these benefits is that you have complete knowledge of the work and you are fully equipped to craft the best introduction that aligns with your paper. Further, you have enough time to be creative.

  • Prove the importance of your research paper to your readers

Whatever proof you have to back up claims in your work should be included in your introduction. These may be findings from recognized records or quotes. You should also tell your readers the rationale behind your research.


Many researchers know how to conduct the right research but fail to understand how to start a research paper. To complete research work, you must understand how to write a great introduction.